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CSz Milwaukee is home to the longest running comedy show in Milwaukee-- ComedySportz®!

But what is ComedySportz®?
A ComedySportz® Match is an awesomely exciting comedy show played as a sport!

If you come to see ComedySportz®, you'll see one Referee and two teams of Players, one red and one blue-- competing against each other in improv games based on the suggestions of the fans watching the match!  There are seven to ten games per match, with the occasional willing volunteer joining us up on the field to help the hilarity ensue!  
Everything is made up totally on the spot.  Nothing is rehearsed.  Our Players are trained to be quick-witted, funny and compete as hard as they can to make sure the fans in our audience are laughing.

ComedySportz® Started right here in Milwaukee in 1984, and has been entertaining fans for 30+ years.  ComedySportz® has grown, is played in 24 cities across the world, and enjoyed by THOUSANDS of fans every weekend.