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ComedySportz Workshops!

In our beginner's course, you'll learn the fundamentals of improv and stage-work, focusing on basic mime work, the art of speaking freely and clearly, and thinking quickly. As a group, you'll learn several improv games and work on exercises to sharpen your wits.

The course runs eight weeks, and the eighth week is a show on the ComedySportz stage. Invite your family and friends to come and see all you've learned!

101 is perfect for people interested in comedy or theater, for professionals who want a confidence boost in the board room, and even for someone just looking for a really great, fun stress reliever! 

Cost is $180. Sign up by calling 414-272-8888.


2014 Dates:
  • January 7th-February 25th
  • April 1st-May 20th
  • July 1st-August 19th
  • October 7th-Nov 25th

Classes meet on Tuesday nights, 6pm-9pm.

In 102, the secondary course, students get to stretch their improv muscles and explore more difficult scene-work, as well as delve into specialized areas of improv, such as accents, learning to speak in gibberish, and complex teamwork. You will apply everything you learned previously and will be challenged to improve your imrpov skills. The games and activities taught in 102 will help you solidify your comfort in improv.

Just like in 101, the eighth week of the course is your show. Invite family and friends!

To join 102 - Students MUST HAVE completed 101.

Cost is $150. Sign up by calling 414-272-8888.

 2014 Dates:

  • January 13th-March 3rd
  • April 7th-June 2nd (off 5/26 for Mem Day)
  • July 7th-August 25th
  • October 13th-December 1st

Classes meet on Monday nights, 7pm-9pm.

In 103, you'll apply your imrov knowledge to more challenging games and practice, practice, practice! Some long-form improv will be taught, which will help you cultivate solid, funny and substantial scenes.

This class allows you to really experiment with the fundamentals you've learned, and with the help of your knowledgeable instructor, become ready to play in our rec league.

To join 103 - Students MUST HAVE completed 101 & 102.

Cost is $150. Sign up by calling 414-272-8888.

2014 Dates:
  • January 20th-March 10th
  • April 14th - June 9th (off 5/26 for Mem Day)
  • July 14th-Sept 8th  (off 9/1 for Labor Day)
  • October 20th-December 8th

Classes meet on Monday nights, 7pm-9pm.